Battlefield 3 Kicked My….


Battlefield 3Dude, you’re on fire…

When it comes to First Person Shooters I consider myself to be among the top players on whatever server/game it is I decide to play, and Battlefield is no different. I always strive to be the best but Origin had every intention of shooting me down before I could ever get started.

My experience loading up the game was the worst part of it all. First I had to install the horribly slow and clunky Steam-Like program Origin made by EA, this experience alone was almost enough to make me swear off EA games until they redesign this system to run more smoothly. Once I got it installed I was told I had to upgrade video card drivers even though the ones I had were less than 3 weeks old. After taking care of that I had to wait roughly 5 minutes for Origin to even find a server for me to join which I expected due to the fact it’s the first day the beta has been open to the public.

Once I got into the game it was an entirely different experience. The in-game menus run smooth and finding what I needed to change the graphics options worked well, especially because the Origin client launched the game in Window Mode. Once I had gotten it setup how I wanted it I jumped right into the fray of combat. Bullets whizzed by my head as I quickly jumped down to prone, and fell through the ground. This was the only game-breaking glitch I personally encountered.

Besides the occasional screen tearing (which was fixed with turning on V-Sync as per the usual) I really didn’t have that many bugs with the actual game itself. The rest of my time with this gorgeous game was mostly spent being frustrated by campers perched quietly away in whatever nook they could find sniping my poor Rank 1 butt. Battlefield’s game mechanics work so wonderfully. Your character glides over obstacles with a tap of the space bar, going from running to prone is just as easy, and the gun design and sound design, don’t even get me started on those two. I have never heard a game that sounds as good as Battlefield 3. The guns all sound realistic, the kickback and recoil really makes the guns feel like they have a kick to them and to top it all off the game looks pretty darn good to boot.

Besides the occasional trip through the map and the new buggy Nvidia drivers crashing on me I would say my experience thus far with the Battlefield 3 Beta has been nothing short of spectacular, the game ran great on my modest rig consisting of an Nvidia 9800GTX+ and AMD Phenom II X4 3.3ghz.

The rewards/leveling up system I really enjoyed. It’s not necessarily any more complex at least from what I saw of my 2.5 hours of playtime with the Beta, but it’s extremely satisfying to know that if you can get one more kill, or plant that dang bomb and have it go off that you may get enough points to unlock that sweet scope you’ve been eyeballing, or possibly unlock one of the sweet extras like Sprint (makes your equipment less heavy so you can move faster) which I unlocked after my third game. The ribbons are also a nice touch. I got quite a few of the ribbons in my first couple games. Mostly for simple things like being in the best squad or getting 5 headshots in a single match. Its fun extras like this that really elevate you to push yourself as far you can to unlock all the ribbons and get all those tasty upgrades.

If you would like to know more about this game for consoles check out Mike’s First Impressions of the Xbox 360 version .

Now if you would excuse me I need to get back to the Battlefield 3 Beta to play around some more with this phenomenal customization system for my guns. In the words of the once great Pokemon series “Gotta Catch Em’ All!” Weapon Upgrades that is…

BF3 DestructionBoom goes the dynamite!