Animal Crossing 3DS Screens


Nintendo has been quite mum on their upcoming title,¬† Animal Crossing 3DS. Though I’m positive the core mechanics of the series haven’t changed (a human character living a virtual life in a town filled with cute gibberish-speaking animal neighbors) but there’s still no sign of all of the features unique to this installment. Although through some of the scarce screens, videos and information around the net, we have¬† managed to discover some features that are unique to this version. These new features include; the ability to swim, become the mayor of your own town accompanied by your very own secretary, and the ability to decorate your entire village with objects such as park benches and street lamps.

There’s no exact word on the release date for Animal Crossing 3DS, but we do know it is slated for sometime later this year. After the break are some screens to help sooth the pain of waiting.