MotorStorm RC Free for a Limited Time on Vita

MotorStorm RC

After taking a sizable chunk out of the bill money or the college fund and buying a Vita for upwards of $250, your probably smitten with the hardware but lacking in software. I’m guessing the average PS Vita owner has two games, if that. It’s ok – I have a solution, courtesy of Scion, and it’s a free game.

MotorStorm RC is already out in the UK, but tomorrow it arrives on the North American PlayStation Store. According to the PlayStation Blog, a deal with Scion will allow players (NA only) to download the Vita version tomorrow for free. Even cooler: the PlayStation 3 version will be launching this week for $9.99, but downloading the Vita version also unlocks the PS3 version (for free). It will be a limited time offer, though, so don’t wait.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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