Datura Video Demonstration is Handy


At GDC 2012, Sony officially showed off Plastic Studios’ Datura, a PlayStation Move adventure title, wherein you control a floating hand in a photo-realistic forest. The interesting part, though, is your not going to just be grooming trees with your guiding hand. It’s a bit more unusual than that.

While wandering through the forest, you’ll come across things to interact with. In the video below, its a tree that looks like a face, and underneath it, after it’s been ripped off, an ice pick. Pick up the icepick – now, stay with me here – and you’re transported to an ice field, where you’re left to choose between earning a trophy or saving a person trapped beneath the ice. And it only makes sense for the decision to alter the insect life back in the forest, right?

According to Plastic’s Michal Staniszewski, decisions made will affect the forest environmentally, not just the insects. If you make dark decisions, the forest will be dark and gloomy. If you make other decisions, the forest will be bright and butterflies will flutter about. However, he says, choices are not that direct and simple:

“The choices are not straightforward: It’s not good vs evil, but more like complete opposites. The decisions are generally not right in your face; you may not even notice that you made a decision.”

As mentioned in the video, the weirdness that is Datura is not exclusive to Move owners. The game will also be playable with a standard Sixaxis or DualShock.

As of now, there is no release date set for the PlayStation Network game.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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