Diablo 3 Launches May 15, The End Is Nigh!

Diablo 3 Launches May 15

In exactly two months, the world will be clicking away on their PCs, bashing minions, hoarding loot, not killing other players, but “saving the Sanctuary from the impending demonic invasion.” Excuse me a moment while I go pre-purchase the game now so I can play the minute servers go live. Pre-purchasing the game allows you to download an encrypted version of the game that will unlock on release day. Here’s hoping the servers can handle the mass influx of players all around the world as this is a worldwide event.

By the way, you can still get Diablo III for free if you buy the World of Warcraft Annual Pass, but that promotion ends May 1.

Look, just do yourself a favor. Go log into Battle.net, purchase Diablo III, and download it now. Have it ready for May 15th. Addicted-Gamers will have exclusive launch day coverage.

Diablo III Pre-purchase

Source: Diablo III Blog

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