Rumor Mill: Shenmue HD Heading to Xbox Live Arcade,PSN


According to a source who wishes to remain anonymous, an HD port of the Dreamcast cult classic, Shenmue, is indeed on the way. Apparently the title has been completed for ‘well over a year’. Even more surprising, Shenmue II HD has also completed. But the real burning question, why hasn’t Sega released these titles yet? According to this inside source, the company wanted a ‘clearer picture’ of the franchise’s future. I presume some sort of market research was done to test the brand’s relevance in today’s market.

At the moment, this information has not been official confirmed by Sega, so consider it a rumor. If Shenmue does release sometime in the near future, you can expect to be able to download both titles on either Xbox Live Arcade or PSN. We will monitor this story closely as it continues to unfold.

Source: gamerzines