Rocksteady to Ditch the Dark Knight?


The acclaimed studio Rocksteady Games managed to snag awards for Best Action and Best Performance (Mark Hamill as The Joker)  for Arkham City at the 2012 Video Game BAFTAs last Friday. Futhermore, Arkham City director, Sefton Hill, shared his thoughts and the future of the company during an interview with IGN. Surprisingly by the tone of Hill’s comments it seems that their next game will depart from the Batman universe. Here’s what he had to say in regards to what’s next for the company:



“It’s great to be in such a position that we can kind of choose what we want to do next. We’ve started work on it, and it’s something pretty exciting. That’s one thing we can definitely say. We’re really excited about it.”

As to whether they will return to the bat crusader:

“If you know one thing about Rocksteady, we have a few surprises. So you’ll have to stay tuned.”

You can check out the full video interview here.