What Do You Think You’re Doing Capcom?

Resident Evil: Modern Warfare

As a long time Resident Evil fan it’s discouraging that the series is going the route of becoming first person shooter comparable Modern Warfare, but it’s not very surprising. To the chagrin of Resident evil fans the series has become more and more action oriented over the years, and it was inevitable that it would come to this. Capcom probably figures why not go all the way, and try to compare to one of the best shooters out there.

Fans of the series don’t want it to be all about headshots and over the top setpieces. We want the series to return to its roots, and be about scares and atmosphere. We want to roam dark, quiet, and eerie hallways, and be scared about what is around the next corner. I don’t want Resident Evil to play like Zombie Mode in the Call of Duty series. I don’t think it will be quite like that, but you can’t blame me for having that fear in the back of my head.

Maybe I’m wrong that the series being ruined by becoming FPS. Maybe it won’t be anything like Modern Warfare. Maybe the game will have a good mix of classic atmospheric moments and shooting segments. The series has never played particularly well as an action game, and maybe the change in the perspective will make play far better in action focused segments. When I think about it, the perspective that the game is played in doesn’t mean it won’t feel like a Resident Evil game or won’t be scary. Amnesia is a first person game, and it is one of the scariest games I’ve personally played. We only know that it will be an FPS. Nothing about the gameplay has been revealed, so who knows what direction it will potentially go. It was mentioned in the article about this news, that other franchises like Metroid have gone the FPS route, and it stayed true to its roots.

I almost have zero confidence that the game we will get out of Resident Evil becoming a FPS will go the direction I hope it will. As I’ve mentioned before Resident Evil has been going further down the road of being an all out action game rather than being about horror, but there is a glimmer of hope. Will we be getting Call of Duty Zombie Mode or something closer to a classic Resident Evil game. Fingers crossed that it’s the latter.

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