Friday The 13th – Thirteen Scariest Horror Moments


It’s the most ominous day of the year today – Friday the 13th. To celebrate such a spine-tingling occasion, the staff at Addicted-Gamers have braved through a pick of the best horror games to find the most bloodcurdling, bonechilling and downright scary moments. Be warned: violence and unpleasant moments are aplenty after the jump…


13. X-COM: UFO Defense – Terror Sites

X-COM: UFO Defense Terror Sites

X-COM: UFO Defense is a straight up turn-based tactical strategy game. It isn’t survival horror, but much of your time is spent trying to survive seemingly overwhelming odds against an alien invasion. The combination of the distinct minimalist sounds and not knowing what you’re walking into creates an atmosphere of tension not seen in many games of this type. When the screen changes and you see the words “Aliens Terrorise”, the stress level is amped up. There is nothing as nail biting an experience as waiting out your turn against unknown enemies equipped with deadly weapons as they slaughter human civilians while making hidden movements. Save often. One wrong move could cost you your entire squad and earn you a mission failure. – Mike.M

12. Resident Evil – Zombie Dog

Resident Evil Zombie Dogs

There was a time when something as simple as zombie dogs jumping through windows scared the shit out of gamers. That was a time when Resident Evil was survival horror and not survival action horror. Those were the days when games relied more on scare tactics seen in classic horror movies rather than the shock and awe that has become second nature in movies and video games this generation. Picture, if you will, walking down a narrow hallway in a deserted mansion full of unspeakable horrors and the camera view switches as you walk past the windows. Zombie dogs leap through the windows. Many a gamer dropping their controller. Upon picking said controllers up, a choice must be made to either fight with limited weapons and ammo to dispatch multiple zombie dogs or run. Most of us ran. – Mike.M

11. Bioshock – Doc Splicer

You are walking around the dilapidated remains of the Medical Pavilion in the underwater, art-deco/steampunk inspired dystopia known as Rapture. You enter a room that quickly fills with steam that completely obscures your vision. A corpse appears on a medical bench in front of you. Close examination reveals what you already know, it’s a dead Splicer. You turn a corner to see a couple of useful items. The steam returns, again completely obscuring vision, as you inspect and take the items. You turn to leave and out of nowhere, a creepy doctor splicer stands in front of you like a statue. Must be like the other one, right? WRONG. Wham! He attacks you with a lead pipe. The kicker; even a second playthrough couldn’t spare me the surprise even though I knew he would be there and what would happen. – Mike.M

10. Silent Hill – Grey Children

Resident Evil didn’t invent the survival horror genre, but it sure pioneered it. Silent Hill came along and took the genre and twisted it into a perverse, psychological horror experience. One of gaming’s classic and impressionable moments is the encounter with the grey children in the first Silent Hill, a moment so distinct that its reenactment in the feature film is spine chillingly creepy and one of the few positive moments in a dreadful film, arguably creating a scene even more memorable in the movie than the source material that inspired it (even if the characters are different between game and movie). Silent Hill excelled at creating a claustrophobic atmosphere with scenes like running around with nothing but a lighter, fences with bloody corpses hanging from them, sirens blaring in the background and sick little children appear out of the shadows to latch on to you. These little shadow babies even caused a fuss and had to be edited multiple times for US and European markets. After all, killing shadowy demon babies in a foggy, haunted town just ain’t right. – Mike.M

9. Resident Evil 4 – Dr. Salvador

Resident Evil 4 was in stark contrast to its predecessors but the partial move away from confined environments didn’t stop the scares coming thick and fast. What made this moment particularly scary was how brutal and efficient it could be. The enemies in this iteration of the long-running series were the Ganados; zombies by any other name. There was one, however, that managed to strike fear in to the hearts of even the most hardened gamer. You knew the Doctor was in as soon as you heard the blades running. By that time, if you hadn’t gone in to a sweat-induced frenzy, you had to make your way around the environment to outmanoeuvre him or you would have your head brutally sawn off. Not many gaming deaths are as shocking as the one Dr. Salvador would give gamers again and again in RE 4. – Bradley Russell

8. Left 4 Dead- The Witches

What makes the Witches so scary in Left 4 Dead is, unlike some of the other moments on this list, you know exactly what is going to happen if you trigger a Witch. The Witches are introduced in the opening movie sequence of Valve’s survival-horror game and they are instantly marked as something to avoid. However, if you do startle a sobbing Witch (their cries are what gives their position away) then absolutely nothing will stop the Witch from tearing at your fallen body until your comrades rescue you or your succumb to the Witch and perish. Left 4 Dead isn’t an unsettling horror game and it often makes use of weapons more in the Dead Rising mold, but Valve proves it can do a lot of things right and scaring the hell out of four grown guys and girls is just another they can add to their checklist. – Bradley Russell

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