Top 10 Creepiest Video Game Enemies

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What makes a video game enemy creepy? The answers to that question are plentiful, and different gamers undoubtedly have varying opinions on what makes an enemy truly unsettling. Voice, appearance, mannerisms, back-story, and many other things can have an impact on how creepy an enemy, or any character for that matter, is to a gamer. We here at Addicted-Gamers have taken the time to filter through the creepiest enemies that video games have to offer, and narrowed the list down to what we believe to be the top 10 creepiest video game enemies. Enjoy our list and leave a comment, after you check to make sure nothing on this list is hiding in your closet, of course.

10. Feral Ghoul Reavers – Fallout 3

Anyone who has encountered a Feral Ghoul Reaver on Fallout 3 will know exactly why it is on this list. Even if you ignore its mutilated remains, you will still be freaked out by the screams as the demented creature hurdles his way towards you. Ordinarily on Fallout you would be able to bring up VATS and deal with any oncoming danger but Reavers require a different type of planning. They can survive almost anything thrown at them and they will kill you. A lot. If you manage to sneak past one you had better be quick on your toes otherwise it will be on your tail. The fact that even a nuclear freakin’ bomb is not a guaranteed instant kill on this creature propels it onto this list. This anomaly of the ghoul family may lead you to stay away from the sewers for a while. – Bradley Russell

feral ghoul reaver


9. Redead – Legend of Zelda series

They may not be the toughest enemies to take down, especially if you’re quick to pull out your ocarina to play the Sun’s Song, but Redead certainly hold their own special place among the creepiest of the creepy in video games.  Born of the cursed souls of the reanimated dead, the Redead stalk the darkest and most forsaken corners of Hyrule waiting to sink their teeth into the flesh of a living victim.  Their blood-curdling screams will halt even the most courageous hero in his tracks, allowing them to sap his life energy.

In their (more or less) living form, Redead usually have the appearance of a mutilated corpse brought back from the dead.  Best not to get too close to these monsters, both for the sake of escaping with your hearts intact and to avoid seeing how gruesome they look up close. – Eileen M



8. Adam the Clown – Dead Rising

Look, clowns are creepy. I remember a portrait of a clown hanging in the hallway, facing directly into our room as kids. His eyes followed me at every angle. That creepy ass smile haunted me for years. I don’t even know why my parents had that damn portrait. Why did they leave that thing on the wall to torture me by staring at me every damn day and night of my young life with its utterly creepy visage!?

Oh. Sorry.

Adam MacIntyre is a clown. He’s also a psychopath running around the Wonderland Plaza at the Willamette Parkview Mall infested with zombies in Dead Rising. He has big red clown hair. He has a hat that is entirely too small for his head. He has big red clown shoes. He is a grown man wearing face paint. He has two chainsaws. He’s creepy.

I’m going to go hide in a corner now. – Mike.M

Top Ten Creepiest Enemies - Adam The Clown


7. Iron Maidens- Resident Evil 4

You know an enemy is creepy when their name is inspired by an ancient torture device. The Iron Maidens from Resident Evil 4 are abnormally tall humanoid creatures that have spikes and nails sticking out of their bodies. Their eerily large mouths and ability to impale you only make them creepier.  Perhaps one of the creepiest things about this enemy is the way it looks like it’s having convulsions when it walks, lumbering towards you while its body constantly twitches and jerks. Well that and the fact that its regenerative powers allow it to re-grow lost body parts within mere seconds, including its damn head! Needless to say your few rare encounters with this enemy will set you on edge, and with good reason. The fact that they don’t have eyes is a small consolation, considering they seem to be able to track you down just fine anyways. – Redfield

Iron Maidens


6. The Gatherers- Amnesia: The Dark Descent

You should be able to tell why The Gatherers deserve to be on this list just by looking at the picture below, but consider the following facts in case you need more convincing. The Gatherers can’t be killed, at least not by your character. When you encounter one of these deformed monsters, your only choices are run or die. They stalk you throughout Amnesia: The Dark Descent, letting out a bloodcurdling cry upon spotting you, before promptly attempting to chase you down and kill you. If you are unlucky enough to catch their gaze, they will alternate between slowly stalking you and breaking into what seems like a dead sprint, affectively giving you the feeling that they are just toying with you. As if all of that wasn’t enough, if you stare at them for more than a couple seconds your characters sanity begins to rapidly deteriorate. If having the ability to make your character lose his mind isn’t creepy, I don’t know what is. – Redfield



5. The Pack- Dead Space 2

The Pack are one of the easiest enemies in Visceral Games’ shooter/horror so, you may ask, why is it on this list? The answer is very simple: Whenever you kill one of them you are killing what was once a child. First encountered just before the nursery section, the fragility of the Pack just feeds in to what is so tragic about them. A well-timed blast from a Line Gun can see Isaac survive for another few minutes, but they can still overwhelm in numbers. Their bulbous heads and slashing claws breed panic in the player and, when coupled with other Necromorphs, can prove terrifying. Whilst the majority of gamers certainly didn’t think twice about killing their infantile foes, it takes a moment like this to step back and see the big picture- and there is nothing as scary as that. – Bradley Russell

the pack


4. Dollmaker- Alice: Madness Returns

Wonderland is being torn asunder by the Infernal Train, which is being controlled by an entity that it seems only Alice has the ability to defeat. This entity is one whom Alice has come to know as not only the creator of the Ruin that spreads through Wonderland, but the Dollmaker, a gigantic, gangly, hollow man with black ooze dripping from his facial orifices. He creates mindless dolls in the Dollhouse, but that isn’t even the creepiest part of this character. He just so happens to be the Wonderland version of the cretin in charge of turning insane children into prostitutes in the real world London, Dr. Angus Bumby. He is also the one who killed Alice’s family and gained entry into Wonderland via Alice’s mental instability.

Her final triumph over Dollmaker at the end of Alice: Madness Returns not only results in the defeat of the evil corrupting her mind and Wonderland, but also the simultaneous killing of Dr. Angus Bumby. Good riddance, one less creepy old man in the world. – Mike.M



3. Uncharted Zombies- Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune

You’re on a mission of exploration that’s already gone horribly wrong.  Your adventurous foray into centuries-old uncharted caches of forgotten history and near-deadly encounters with marvels of human engineering went awry when the pirates and crime lords showed up.  Things couldn’t get any worse.  Unless, you know, those mysterious figures slinking about ominously in the darkness turned out to be… zombies.  Cursed zombies.

The Spaniards paid a hell of a price for stealing that beautiful golden statue of El Dorado.  So did the Germans when they attempted to retrieve the treasure centuries later.  The creatures they were turned into were left sealed away on their abandoned island to lie in wait for the next ignorant group of plunderers to fall into their trap.  And of course that’s not quite creepy enough.  You have to fight the bastards within the confines of a dark, hauntingly deserted Nazi U-boat.  When will poor Drake learn to leave well enough alone? – Eileen M

uncharted zombies


2. Cleopatra- Dante’s Inferno

Dante’s Inferno brazenly displays its violent and sexual themes with a creep factor set to max. Enemies include Unbaptized Children, babies with scythe-like appendages, Temptresses equipped with a scorpion-like tendril that lashes out from their vagina, and even a final boss in Lucifer who runs around in the buff, manhood swinging about freely. And yet, none of that compares to the nude queen who takes the cake in creep factor. Cleopatra scrambles up a tower like King Kong climbing the Empire State Building. All the while Dante gives chase on an elevator, laying waste to many a demented demonspawn. The battle culminates in a truly remarkable and repulsive boss fight. Cleopatra’s nipples burst open and puss spews out. Those Unbaptized Children mentioned earlier crawl out of her nipples and she tosses them at you. When nominated for this list, the first response by my compatriots was, “What. The. Hell.” Hell indeed; Second Circle of Hell to be exact. – Mike.M

Top Ten Creepiest Enemies - Cleopatra


1. Pyramid Head- Silent Hill 2

How could any enemy but Pyramid Head be at the top of this list? Pyramid Head is not only one of the creepiest video game enemies ever, but also one of the creepiest characters ever created in any medium. Just his name brings back vivid memories of walking down an apartment building hallway and seeing the chill inducing figure standing on the other side of a door, doing nothing but staring at you. The sight of Pyramid Head having his way with mannequins will forever haunt my visions. Everything about Pyramid Head is genuinely creepy, from his design to the sound his Great Knife makes as he drags it across the ground. Other than The Gatherers, Pyramid Head is the only enemy on this list that you can’t kill. Every confrontation that you have with him ends either because you escape or because he chooses to end it. Every time I turned a corner and saw him standing in my path, the hair on my arms stood up and I knew then that there may never be another video game enemy who had that same effect on me, and there never has been. – Redfield

pyramid head