6 Games We Want To Hear More About At E3

Tomb Raider

With E3 just around the corner, more and more games are being scheduled to appear at the expo. We here at A-G have taken the time to come up with a list of games that we are anxious to hear more about come next week. A few of the games on our list have already been confirmed to appear, while a couple others have just been hinted at. With so many games likely to make an appearance at E3, narrowing down our selections to 6 wasn’t an easy task. So once you finish reading through our picks, go ahead and leave a comment telling us what game you’re excited about seeing at E3.

The Last of Us

Naughty Dog’s new IP, The Last of Us, was revealed during last year’s Spike VGA event. Since then, hype for the title has done nothing but go up. While the game has had a few trailers and snippets of news released over the last few months, the truth is that there hasn’t been a whole lot of information released about the post-apocalyptic title. We know that Joel and Ellie are the two main characters, and that they are sticking together in order to try and survive in the beautiful yet deadly world that Naughty Dog has created. The story seems like it will be very mature and raw, genuinely reflecting what it would be like to be in a situation like that. What we have seen of the voice acting so far seems solid, which isn’t a surprise given how amazing the voice work is in Naughty Dog’s flagship Uncharted series.

While it’s unsure what Naughty Dog has planned to show at E3 regarding the game, we can be sure that some new things about it will be revealed. I’m personally hoping for more details on the story, although not too much to where it spoils the game. More details on the infection that has seemed to plague the population would also be welcome. When it comes down to it, any new information about this fantastic looking game will make me happy, so no matter what is revealed, I should be intrigued. Unless, of course, they reveal that the game will be pushed back to next year. That would make me angry. Naughty Dog doesn’t want to see me when I’m angry. *Feebly tries to rip shirt apart*-Redfield


The last of us

Tomb Raider

Gaming tends to go in cycles. One franchise will rule until another usurps it. For the first time in seemingly forever, we have a franchise that returns to claim its crown from the great pretender. Tomb Raider isn’t just an Uncharted-beater; it may well go on to be the pinnacle of action-adventure games this generation.

Judging by the recent pre-E3 trailer, Lara Croft will go to the depths of hell and back to get off of the island she has been stranded on. This isn’t your typical Tomb Raider fantastical realm either. Going by the trailer alone, it seems as if Crystal Dynamics has taken a gritty concept, covered it with dirt and thrown it down a hill. The graphics still look stunning, even this late into the generation, and the set-pieces are fantastic with Croft avoiding a plane whilst sliding down a hill being the highlight of the aforementioned trailer. If a playable demo is available at either the Microsoft or Sony conferences (or the incredibly unlikely event of it being at Nintendo’s conference- it is not scheduled to appear on the Wii U) then you’ll most likely hear the sound of jaws hitting the floor and gamers ogling their screens, this time not in salivation for the First Lady of Gaming but, rather, the game itself. – Bradley

Tomb Raider

Rainbow Six: Patriots

It takes a special kind of daring to risk bringing a fresh view to a stagnating genre.  The first-person shooter market has placed itself at an impasse.  The industry is too easily satisfied  with generic FPS games.  And the problem with those generic FPS games is that they’re still selling.  Selling well.  Why bother to break from a proven formula and endeavor to greatness when mediocrity will  fulfill your intentions?  Why bother to take the risk?

Well apparently the makers of the non-traditional and slightly controversial new installment in the well-aged Rainbow Six series think it’s worth it to take that risk.  To breathe new life into a domain that has become complacent about the quality of its productions.  Patriots will guide the player along the path of Rainbow Squad as they are tasked with confronting a dangerous threat to society.  Not a nation that has attempted to expand their territory.  Not a people differentiated by social ideals.  Not hostile aliens hell-bent on wiping out humankind.  But the people who work in the office next door.  People who are at once friend and foe.  A brother and an enemy, fighting for a different path.

Maybe I just have a little admiration for anything that stirs up social controversy.- Eileen

Rainbow 6 Patriots

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Over a decade since the series’ last entry and almost two decades removed from the release of one of the greatest tactical strategy games of all time; XCOM Enemy Unknown shall invade PC and console systems again.

Throughout the years, people have clamored for a true sequel or revisit to XCOM. There have been plenty of games with similarities, plenty have tried to take on the role of the new XCOM, but very few have come close to being in the same conversation. The expectations are high and they know it. That’s why Firaxis Games, headed up by MicroProse co-founder Sid Meier, is in charge of this XCOM update. They’re tasked with creating a game that is supposed to look and play better, but still retain the spirit of what made it so great eighteen years ago.

With so many games pushed out of 2012, including the first-person shooter entry, XCOM is looking to be one of the few games I am eagerly anticipating seeing more of at E3. It should only be the best strategy game ever. No pressure… – Mike M.

xcom enemy unknown


It’s late at night. You’re trying to find something to watch on TV. You stumble across a crazy-looking monster and look down to see the SyFy channel logo and it all seems to make sense… Then there’s those movie/TV games. You know, the ones that come after some show has hit it big and someone thinks they can cash in on the awesome.

Wait, someone is making a TV series AND a game? A futuristic alien battle over Earth with a weekly TV show tied into it? Riding around on four-wheelers, battling huge space creatures, and kicking back for a little R&R while the actors get shot at… I like this.

So the story isn’t new. That’s not a first. People have been reusing stories since Shakespeare. Almost no one goes out on a limb anymore. But Trion Worlds is going out on two limbs and wrapping them together in a potentially harmonious portrayal of epicosity with Defiance. Yes, most of those words may have been made up. But it’s on SyFy. So it’s okay. – Morgan


The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian grabbed plenty of attention when it was announced as the next great game from Fumito Ueda and his studio Team ICO, creators of the beloved PlayStation 2 games ICO and Shadow of the Colossus. Ueda’s even said that “there’s a bit of each of those [games] in there.” Of course fans were pretty excited about that, but since then news hasn’t been all that positive.

Originally planned for release in late 2011, The Last Guardian has seen multiple delays and slow progress, with seemingly little chance of a solid release date being set. And in December 2011, Fumito Ueda  announced his departure with the studio, which led to the public and the press collectively throwing up their hands and assuming that this would be the killing blow on a project that had been suffering for far too long – a completely warranted response. In February 2012, however, Shuhei Yoshida, president of SCE Worldwide Studios, mentioned the enlisting of Sony Santa Monica to help out and assured everyone that the game was still making (slow) progress, with Ueda still very much involved. And now no one knows what’s going on.

So, why did we choose it? Well, 2012 is an important year for The Last Guardian, because the truth is, its window is closing. Unlike the other games on this list, our interest in The Last Guardian rests not solely on that of the game, the pedigree of the studio, or the man behind it. It’s just as much about the drama that has surrounded its development. Its been like six years. We want to see if they can pull this thing together, and we want to play it. We’d like E3 2012 to at least bring an official release date. – Nick

the last guardian



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