Bastion Available on iPad Tomorrow


The absolutely wonderful 2011-hit, Bastion, will be coming to iPad, developer Supergiant Games revealed today.

Currently it’s only available in New Zealand – because of course New Zealand exist in the future – but tomorrow on August 30 you’ll be able to download it off the App Store for $4.99, which I believe is a reasonable price for a whole lot of game. (Most of Square Enix’s games hover around a ridiculous $20. I’m just saying.)

Supergiant claims that due to technical issues, Bastion will only be playable on the iPad – and not the original iPad, only the iPad 2 and the newer one. The game will have touch controls, Game Center achievements, and will be compatible with retina display. And, perhaps best of all, there will be no microtransactions. I repeat, the game will not interrupt you mid-combo to ask you to buy more crystals or mana or whatever. The iPad needs more games that don’t do that.

Have a look at the reveal trailer below:

Still not convinced? Check out our review of Bastion’s XBLA version. It might not be totally indicative of the iPad version, but it may give you a better idea. Better yet: Supergiant also put together a very helpful Q&A for the game that will probably address any of your inquiries.

Source: Supergiant Games

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