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Creator Ed Key Talks about Proteus’ Early Skyrim-esque Aspirations


Proteus was originally intended to be a sprawling RPG in the ilk of The Elder Scrolls, says Proteus’ creator, Ed Key, in an interview with RPS. The remnants were buried in the code.

In the sit-down, Ed Key talked about the inception of his game, Proteus, a nonviolent work of minimalism at end, but an ambitious, procedurally generated RPG at early concept. “I was originally thinking it’d be a bit more like Skyrim or I guess Oblivion at the time,” he said. “It would’ve been an RPG where you went to towns and did quests.”

Key had to rethink the idea, simply, because of the amount of work it would take — the procedural stuff alone would be a enormous time sink. Unlike TES, crafted with manpower in the hundreds, Proteus would be put largely together by two men, Key himself and composer David Kanaga (also behind the music of DYAD). “It’s not like it’s impossible, but it was just a lot and I wasn’t even sure what the project was going to be,” said Key. “So I don’t think Proteus was a reaction [to action-heavy games] originally. But it became apparent that it was possible to make something sort of nontraditional and non-violent.”

Like Physics: Here’s How Good A Virtual Car Can Look Tumbling Down A Cliff


I carry an deep interest for virtual destruction. It’s what made me spawn vehicles onto Grand Theft Auto’s buildings and drive them off in wide-eyed anticipation, later thrilled a pancake of a Turismo could still drive. It’s why the destruction of Red Faction Guerilla fascinated me so, and disappointed me so when the game would not just leave me alone to my ruinous experiments. And yet, I broke a mug the other day — couldn’t have been more disappointed in myself.

I know there are more of us out there. That’s why I’m putting this video showing virtual cars tumbling down cliffs here.

The video is a demonstration of some technology from BeamNG, a young startup company developing a state of the art real time physics simulation engine. Right now the team of four’s main goal is to ‘have realistic, accurate, destructible and malleable physics everywhere.’ They’re working toward a more mangled, indiscernible tomorrow.

They say ‘engine’, though there’s some suspicion they may be making more. They have worked in Oculus Rift support. If you go to their blog, you can see the incredible amount of work invested.

The War Z Now Called ‘Infestation: Survivor Stories’


The War Z hasn’t garnered the most positive press — its been one oddity after the other — and now, seven months after release, a rebranding has taken place. While the game will now be called Infestation: Survivor Stories — you shouldn’t expect any other changes.

In the wake of Microsoft’s decision to back down on their plans for the Xbox One after copious amounts of consumer-heat, maybe developer Hammerpoint found itself inspired to do the same — not so much in reevaluating the approach as, er, reevaluating the title of the product, attempting maybe to (I’m being presumptuous, here) distance itself from the questionable and downright wrong decision making over the course of the game’s continued development.

Hammerpoint’s explanation showed up on Facebook, where the developers say the name-change is to avoid confusion. Understandable reasoning — as it shares a similar title to other games (DayZ), books (World War Z), and movies (the film adaption of my book example) in an equally similar vein, as well as a striking (attempted) likeness to DayZ on all fronts — but, nonetheless, reasoning just as valid when the game was originally announced as it is today. Here read for yourself:

“Effective today, The War Z has changed its name to Infestation: Survivor Stories. This change has come about primarily as a result of some confusion and trademark issues with a similarly titled property. While we were reluctant to rename the game so long after launch, especially with nearly 1 million registered players, it was ultimately decided to be in the best interest of our existing community as well as future players in order to eliminate confusion. Please rest assured that this will in NO WAY affect you as players. The only difference you will see is the change in logo and website. There will be no interruption of service or change in content.”

I have to give all the credit to RPS for naming off the offenses (and providing the links). They are as follows: 1) They were caught borrowing images from other games to represent their game; 2) They sited stats about the game’s size that were inaccurate; 3) They listed features on the game’s steam page that didn’t really exist; 4) They just straight jacked their terms of service from League of Legends. And, as for the game itself, it is not very good.

The War Z is Infestation: Survivor Stories. Infestation Survivor Stories is The War Z. Same game. Same content. Different Name.

GoG Summer Sale Is Here, Get Torchlight for Free


The Good Old Games’ Summer Sale has begun. I’ll be the first to say, I am PC-less, so I have no use for it. However, I don’t need a PC to know that Torchlight is not a bad thing at all. The original Torchlight will be free until June 20th as part of the promotion. There will be new deals everyday until July 5th. That means there will be plenty of 50% off and 60% off and 70% off and even 80% off labels on a whole bunch of games. Perhaps on ones you have yet to play and really should. Below I’ve compiled a list of the highlights for day one, just a small taste of what’s on offer.

Day one. Here are the big boys.

  • Definitive Dungeons and Dragons pack 80% off ($105.90 $21.10)- includes Planescape: Torment, Baldur’s Gate 1-2, Icewind Dale 1-2, Neverwinter Nights 1-2, Temple of Elemental Evil, Demon Stone, Dragonshard (Hmm. You better clear up your schedule for the present and afterlife if you want to get this one.)
  • Alan Wake Bundle 90% off ($44.98 $4.48) – includes Alan Wake and Alan Wake’s American Nightmare.

    Then assorted smaller deals on the front page.

  • System Shock 2 50% off ($4.99)
  • FTL: Faster Than Light 50% off ($4.99)
  • Resonance 50% off ($4.99)
  • Wing Commander 3 50%off ($4.99)
  • Dyad 50% off ($7.49)
  • Remember the deals having a dwindling ticker next to them to signify their expiration, so they are not static until July 5th. Everyday there will be different deals added. Bigger bundles like the ones above will probably be swapped out more frequently. The sale ends on July 5th. Go download Torchlight for free before it disappears. #NoDRM

    E3 2013: Ubisoft Press Conference Live Blog [Update: It’s over]


    Can’t watch the stream? It’s Ok. We’ll be liveblogging Ubisoft’s E3 2013 press conference from beginning to end. Updates start from 3pm PST/23:00 GMT. The page will have to be refreshed every 3-4 minutes to ensure you get the latest minute by minute coverage of what promises to be the most exciting E3 in years. If you do not update the page, it will not be very exciting for you. Join us after the jump.

    State of Decay Coming to PC, Eventually


    I don’t know why, but I hadn’t put my eyes anywhere near State of Decay, the sandbox zombie-survival sim by Undead Labs, until about a two weeks ago. I was clued in, coincidently, by an article on the site where Mike now puts his words. This week, the game released on Xbox Live. The consensus is that it’s pretty good. If you’re like me, though — looking for an Xbox you never bought — you’ll probably have to wait awhile longer.

    While State of Decay is planned to arrive on PC, Undead community director Sanya Weathers says the studio is still working,

    “We are still working on the PC version, and I don’t have a really good estimate for completion. Too much depends on third parties. It isn’t going to be soon by any meaningful use of the word ‘soon’.”

    State of Decay is an open-world game in which the player must survive a world overrun by zombies. It is ambitiously larger than its home on XBLA would suggest.

    Source: RPS

    Eidos Montreal Tease Deus Ex: The Fall


    People are gearing up for E3, which means most game studios are throwing out teasers to ignite a little excitement for games they’ll soon announce. (Or they’re just being incredibly mean.)

    Eidos Montreal, the team behind 2011’s Deus Ex: Revolution, is teasing long-rumored sequel Deus Ex: The Fall.

    It comes via tweet from the companies official twitter account (pointed out by Videogamer), which reads “Are YOU ready for The Fall?”

    Folllowing shortly thereafter, a second tweet asks, “Who is Ben Saxon?” The Wiki results reveal Ben Saxon as one of the two main protagonists of the Deus Ex novel, Icarus Effect.

    In March, registered domain names by Square Enix, specifically, seemed to point to the title Deus Ex: The Fall.

    E3 here we come. I’ll be as present as my computer monitor will allow.

    Rumor: Mirror’s Edge 2 Could Very Well Be In the Works, Support Page Says So


    In what I can’t be sure was a hazy dream or not, a support page for Mirror’s Edge 2 popped up on EA’s official site and then quickly disappeared. While I’ve had several similar dreams, never has the Internet had an image of proof waiting after I awoke.

    As others have pointed to, the game also briefly appeared on an Amazon product listing in the last couple of weeks, on the Italian and German versions, listed as an Xbox One and Xbox 360 title, before once again being quickly taken down.

    It could all be a coincidence. But it looks like Mirror’s Edge 2 is coming. Perhaps will see it in the next few weeks at E3.

    Molyneux on Curiosity Winner’s Godus Godhood: ‘What Bryan has won is a grace period’


    Today Peter Molyneux revealed that, after an undefined period of time, players of Godus would be given a feature that would allow them to overthrow Bryan Henderson, thus ending his reign as the “god of gods.”

    Earlier this week, the young scotsman became the winner of Peter Molyneux’s Curiosity. After six months of collective finger-tapping by users to break off the Curiosity cube’s 25 billion miniature cubelets, Henderson tapped away the last remaining cube, having only just registered that very morning, an hour or so before he won. Henderson’s promised “life changing” prize: the role of God in Molyneux’s studio 22Cans’ upcoming god simulation Godus. In a game where everyone is a God ruling their own worlds, Henderson will be the “god of gods.”

    While in power, Henderson will work alongside 22Cans to influence the universe in which the other players inhabit. Molyneux says Henderson won’t have indefinite control, in that it wouldn’t be fair to just kill players off for no reason, but he will have influence.

    Except Henderson’s influence will only last so long. Speaking with various outlets on the subject today, Peter Molyneux gave Rock, Paper, Shotgun the best line:

    The interesting thing is that what Bryan has won is a grace period where he can be god of gods for a certain amount of time. We’re talking about that period of time [right now]. It won’t be less than a few months. It might not be more than a year. And then we’ll unveil the ability to usurp the god of gods and replace him with someone else. That someone else will then take on all of Bryan’s powers.

    Henderson was also promised a potential portion of the Godus’ profits. It’s yet to be revealed if those profits will apply to future usurpers, or if they just apply to Henderson as the sole winner of the Curiosity contest. It’s also important to note that Godus was only recently Kickstarted and still has yet to go though its alpha and beta testing for its backers.

    Many were arguing how exactly “life changing” this was when it was announced initially, chalking it up as yet another hyperbolic promise by a man famous for them. I suspect this will fuel that fire quite a bit more. While Molyneux disagrees that this news diminishes the significance of the prize, he also goes on to state that much will depend on the success of Godus, and that we can agree on.

    Dead Island with Parkour: Techland’s Dying Light Coming In 2014


    Techland revealed today its next game, called Dying Light, a first-person action game consisting of more zombies, more machete head lopping, and also – in an apparent likeness of Mirror’s Edge – free-running. It will be available on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2014, (published by WB interactive, which may explain the name change).

    Dying Light might just be an improvement on Dead Island. Dying Light might just be Dead Island, wearing a fake mustache, for all I know. Dying Light might, at the very least, be a blood relative, a more athletic and handsome one.

    Dying Light claims to approach the survival zombie sim differently than Dead Island’s A-to-B quest collecting and zombie-bashing scorefest. The game adds a day-and-night cycle, embracing item scavenging and weapon crafting in the day and cautious, tactful exploration at night, when different threats will appear and the infected become “aggressive and more dangerous.” Combat will be similar, with the focus largely on scavenging various items for melee, and upgrading them in over-the-top ways (a spike-studded bat, for example). As is only possible apparently with this “next generation technology,” Dying Light will also include parkour which will, the publisher says, “allow for nearly unrestricted exploration and weapon crafting.” In the photo above, the player character is leaping over a gap between roofs, hands and feet outstretched on screen.

    Based on the little information given, Techland this time around appear focused more on nailing the ‘survival’ aspect.

    If Dying Light can drop the boredom and wonky movement of Dead Island, under the guiding hand of WB interactive and Techland, than it might be a standout hit. For now, though, that sure looks like a fake mustache.