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Battlefield 3 Premium Service Details Leaked

Battlefield 3 Xbox 360

Not to be outdone by Call of Duty Elite, Battlefield 3 will be getting its very own premium service for a one-time fee of $49.99.

The premium service will provide all sorts of perks and goodies like access to five themed expansion packs, two weeks early access to said expansion packs, a host of exclusive in-game items, exclusive events, exclusive double XP weekends, server queue priority, dog tags, weapon camos, wait…server queue what?

No Tubes, No Sprint, and NO FUN – Battlefield 3’s Dedicated Servers Nigh Gone


According to Venturebeat the number of actual DICE-run servers for Battlefield 3 is getting smaller and smaller for both console platforms. You might recall that a couple of weeks ago EA revealed that they’d be allowing console gamers to rent out servers for a hefty chunk of change. While this was certainly something that the players were clamoring for it has had a negative impact on the amount of dedicated servers which EA/DICE take online – the average number of them being under ten a day. In response to Venturebeat’s original article EA informed us that these servers aren’t being removed but rather more and more gamers are renting them out – leaving the dedicated pool rather dried…

Battlefield 3 Offers “The Ultimate Shortcut” DLC Bundle

Battlefield 3

Don’t have enough time to invest in actually playing the game for unlockable weapons, gadgets, and vehicle upgrades? No worries, DICE and EA have you covered with the new The Ultimate Shortcut DLC bundle now available on the Xbox Marketplace. For a mere 3200 MSP or 40 US dollars, you get “all weapons and gadgets unique to all four classes, all upgrades for both air and ground vehicles, and all co-op weapons.” It does go on to say, “This massive pack immediately unlocks all 119 weapons, gadgets, and vehicle upgrades,” though the description is cut off mid-stream on the marketplace. Act now so you can buy your way into being a better Battlefield 3 player!

Still unconvinced about this deal? How about testimony from a user on the EA message boards?

Battlefield 3 Patch and ‘Rent a Server’ Coming to Xbox 360 Today

Battlefield 3 Xbox 360 Screenshot 2

The Battlefield 3 patch that came to the PlayStation 3 last week is coming to the Xbox 360 today. The massive patch offers up a ton of fixes, including “gameplay tweaks, improvements, and balances,” which seemingly alter every aspect of the game. I mean, the list is very, very long and it appears no element of the game is safe: general gameplay fixes, vehicle fixes, weapon fixes, weapon attachment fixes, gadget fixes, game mode fixes.

Along with the patch also comes the Rent a Server feature. Renting a server can run you anywhere from $1.50 for 1 day to $59.99 for 90 days, and is accessed via the Battlefield 3 main menu.

The full list of changes can be found here, and the Rent a Server trailer can be found below.

A Very Battlefield 3 Christmas

Battlefield 3 Back to Karkand Release Date Announced

BF3: Back to Karkand

The first expansion pack for Battlefield 3, “Back to Karkand,” will be released on December 6th exclusively for the Playstation 3. Xbox 360 and PC players can expect it a week later on December 13th.

“Back to Karkand” features four vintage multiplayer maps from past Battlefield games, all with a “Frostbite 2.0″ makeover. The pack will also include new vehicles, ten new weapons and the return of the classic Conquest Assault mode from Battlefield 2.

PS3 Owners Sue EA Over Battlefield


Earlier this Year, Electronic Arts promised PS3 owners a little added incentive to pre-order Battlefield 3: a copy of Battlefield 1943, free of charge. But Battlefield 3’s release past and gamers instead were given the news of early DLC — even though PS3 owners had already been promised Battlefield 3 DLC early. Most of us forgot and just continued about our lives.

But several PS3 owners aren’t finding the swap to be equitable and have decided to file a class action lawsuit against EA, headed by the law firm Edelson McGuire. Edelson McGuire alleges EA was “making a promise they could not, and never intended, to keep.” No information has surfaced on how many are actually involved in the lawsuit.

Battlefield 3 Xbox 360 Review – Who Reigns Supreme?

Battlefield 3 Xbox 360 Cover Art

Publisher: EA
Developer: DICE
Genre: First-Person Shooter
Players: Single, Co-op and Multiplayer Online
Release Date: Oct. 25, 2011
Rated: M – Mature

EA and DICE want Activision’s first-person shooter crown, badly. The Medal of Honor reboot was a pathetic attempt at emulating the successful formula Infinity Ward established with the Modern Warfare series. Knowing that, EA and DICE sought to dethrone Call of Duty with Battlefield 3, the direct sequel to Battlefield 2, not to be confused with Bad Company 2. It features an original story, co-op missions, and the Frostbite 2 engine which focuses on environmental destructibility and all new lighting effects. Multiplayer features brand new maps and the return of fighter jets. All of these series innovations and revamps were designed to put EA in the position of becoming the new FPS king. They talked a lot of shit leading up to the release of Battlefield 3, two weeks before Modern Warfare 3. Were they able to back it up?

That’s a tough question to answer. Comparisons are always going to be made to a game’s contemporaries in the genre and Battlefield tries to be Call of Duty on so many levels it is hard not to make those comparisons. The campaign is mostly forgettable and borrows too heavily from movies or *gasp* Call of Duty storylines. Thankfully, the multiplayer is a different animal and makes up for the campaign. As is the case with these shooters nowadays, it is the true focus on the longevity and popularity of the game. Battlefield 3 is a very good game in its own right, but it feels like it is in second place trying desperately to come out on top.

Pre-Order Battlefield 3 from Amazon and Get $20 Credit

Battlefield 3

Pre-order Battlefield 3 from Amazon.com and you’ll get a $20 credit (a couple of days after it’s release) towards a future gaming purchase. Not a bad deal when you consider my $20 credit from Gears of War 3 will apply. Go do it!

Battlefield 3 at Amazon.com

Buy Battlefield 3, Unlock Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Demo

Mass Effect 3

If you’re a fan of Mass Effect, you probably won’t need a campaign demo to push you over the edge for the third installment.  But hey, it’s there.  And it will be there pre-release this January.  Something however that may interest you as a fan is that the multiplayer will also be available in demo form.  Catch? Buy Battlefield 3 and get the code to unlock it.  If you’re also a Battlefield fan, this is a win-win for you.

Don’t want to buy a $60 title just to see a bit of multiplayer experience on a game you will probably be buying anyway? There’s still hope, but it’s a mystery.