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AGL Video Game Character Draft – Tyrants Draft Shepard


The Raccoon City Tyrants have taken Commander Shepard from the Mass Effect trilogy as the second overall pick in the AGL Video Game Character Draft.

Commander Shepard is the first human ever to join the Spectres. He commands the SSV Normandy. He has consistently proven himself a leader and has saved the galaxy on many occasions. He’s even died and come back to life, once.

When asked about becoming the second overall pick, he had this to say to the rest of the league, “I hope you’re up for some competition.”

Attaboy, Shepard.

Addicted-Gamers <3 Week: Our Favorite Characters


For many, the characters are the make and break of a franchise. We all admire great gameplay, sumptuous graphics and a witty script but when it boils down to it, we have to like and connect with the people on the screen (and in many cases ones you are going to spend more quality time with than your family). Our favorite characters include some obvious ones and some less so. Read on to find out who they are…