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Rumor: Mirror’s Edge 2 Could Very Well Be In the Works, Support Page Says So


In what I can’t be sure was a hazy dream or not, a support page for Mirror’s Edge 2 popped up on EA’s official site and then quickly disappeared. While I’ve had several similar dreams, never has the Internet had an image of proof waiting after I awoke.

As others have pointed to, the game also briefly appeared on an Amazon product listing in the last couple of weeks, on the Italian and German versions, listed as an Xbox One and Xbox 360 title, before once again being quickly taken down.

It could all be a coincidence. But it looks like Mirror’s Edge 2 is coming. Perhaps will see it in the next few weeks at E3.

Crysis 3 Review – The Invisible Iron Man

Crysis 3

Platforms: PC, PS3, Xbox 360
Publisher: EA
Developer: Crytek
Genre: First-Person Shooter
Release Date: February 19, 2013
ESRB Rating: Mature

It must be hard for developers to go into a meeting and ask themselves, “How do we make a first-person shooter that isn’t Call of Duty or Halo and still manage to separate itself from the rest?” Such is the life in a console generation inundated with shooters. First and third-person shooters are being churned out at astounding rates and they all range from the mundane “Me Too” underachievers to the sterling “Look At Me” overachievers. Where in all of this does Crysis 3 lie? The short answer is somewhere in between.

It’s easy to talk about Crysis 3’s strength. It is a strength that Crytek has leaned on throughout the series. Using CryEngine 3, Crysis 3 is a nothing short of brilliant when it comes to looks alone. It is blessed with some of the slickest visuals seen this generation. From top to bottom, Crysis 3 has it going on. Cloaking, explosion, lighting, and water effects dazzle. Character models and animations, especially facial, are vastly improved. But, the environments, that is where Crysis 3 really excels. Crytek took the previous setting of a New York City under siege to a completely new level. This time, our Nanosuited supersoldier will run, jump, and stalk prey in a wonderfully designed dilapidated New York City overgrown with verdant flora, giving it a whole new meaning to urban jungle. Strands of waist-high grass wave in the breeze. Derelict buildings are infested with vegetation. Swamps have replaced asphalt. Crysis 3 takes from its past and brings the exotic levels back to a more open-world sandbox and each level is impressive in its own right. Few games have managed to stay as consistently good looking as Crysis has.

FIFA 13 Xbox 360 Review- Fever Pitch or Bore Draw?


Publisher:  Electronic Arts
Developer:  EA Canada
Release Date:  September 25, 2012 (North America) September 28, 2012 (Europe)
Platform: Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Wii, PS2, PlayStation Vita,  Nintendo 3DS (reviewed on Xbox 360)

FIFA 12 was billed as a major step forward for the series, with mixed results. The online modes were a joy to play but it was somewhat tempered by the unwieldy Impact Engine and stuttering servers. EA have promised to refine everything that was wrong with FIFA 12. What comes out of it as a game that doesn’t revolutionise the series but takes a few steps backwards in some departments to take a few bigger strides elsewhere.

Mass Effect Getting Trilogy Compilation Treatment

Mass Effect Trilogy

Bioware announced on the official Mass Effect page that Mass Effect will be getting a trilogy collection for Xbox 360 and PC on November 6th with a PS3 version to follow at a later date.

The trilogy package will include all three Mass Effect games and DLC packaged in a foil box decorated with snazzy custom artwork for $59.99.

This will obviously be the first chance for PS3 owners to play the formerly Xbox 360 exclusive (for consoles) Mass Effect. Unfortunately, you just have to wait a little bit longer for an unspecified date. If you don’t want to dip into the trilogy compilation just for the original Mass Effect on PS3, it is confirmed as a PSN download for $14.99 and it will be available the same day as the compilation.

Here are the details:

Crysis 3 Trailer Will Wow You


EA has released a new Crysis 3 trailer and frankly, wow. Crysis 3 running on Cryengine 3 looks amazing, just as the previous two installments have.

The sci-fi combo stealthy/semi-open-world first-person shooter taking place in an urban rainforested nanodomed encased New York City, drops all across the board on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 in February of 2013, composite bow in hand.

Dead Space 3 Will Be At E3

dead space 3

Earlier, we reported on leaked screenshots and the graphic novel short video posted on the official Dead Space page.

After much speculation and rumor, EA has officially confirmed that Dead Space 3 will in fact be shown at E3 next week during EA’s Press Conference.

EA has not said what exactly they will be showing off, whether it will be gameplay, a trailer, or something different, but just the fact that the game will make an appearance at the event is enough to satisfy me.

Source: IGN

Leaked Dead Space 3 Screenshots and Graphic Novel Video Reveal New Character


Leaked images of Dead Space 3 might be a look at a new character to support the rumors of co-op play.

A new motion comic style video has also popped up on the Dead Space website featuring Earthgov Sergeant John Carver. That would be the same character shown in some of the leaked images, the one with red highlights on his body armor.

If the images after the jump don’t get your blood pumping and skin crawling, the video should.

EA is likely to have an official announcement about Dead Space 3 at E3.

Battlefield 3 Premium Service Details Leaked

Battlefield 3 Xbox 360

Not to be outdone by Call of Duty Elite, Battlefield 3 will be getting its very own premium service for a one-time fee of $49.99.

The premium service will provide all sorts of perks and goodies like access to five themed expansion packs, two weeks early access to said expansion packs, a host of exclusive in-game items, exclusive events, exclusive double XP weekends, server queue priority, dog tags, weapon camos, wait…server queue what?

No Tubes, No Sprint, and NO FUN – Battlefield 3’s Dedicated Servers Nigh Gone


According to Venturebeat the number of actual DICE-run servers for Battlefield 3 is getting smaller and smaller for both console platforms. You might recall that a couple of weeks ago EA revealed that they’d be allowing console gamers to rent out servers for a hefty chunk of change. While this was certainly something that the players were clamoring for it has had a negative impact on the amount of dedicated servers which EA/DICE take online – the average number of them being under ten a day. In response to Venturebeat’s original article EA informed us that these servers aren’t being removed but rather more and more gamers are renting them out – leaving the dedicated pool rather dried…

It’s As If 400,000 Voices Cried Out and Were Suddenly Silenced…


Today EA announced the unfortunate news that BioWare’s Star Wars MMORPG The Old Republic has lost over 400,000 subscriptions in two months.

Released this past December, The Old Republic was an interesting turn of events for the developer who chose to continue their highly acclaimed Knights of the Old Republic series through means of an MMO – claiming that The Old Republic would fit about eight sequels worth of content into one online experience. With each character type offering about a hundred hours of entirely unique dialogue, quests, and storyline TOR looked to be the closest thing to come along yet that could give World of WarCraft a run for its money.

Losing nearly half a million players though doesn’t bode well for the MMORPG even though there still remains 1.3 million active subscribers. To recuperate from such a hit, BioWare has promised to increase their work with TOR and attempt to get new content packs, updates, and fixes out the door more quickly for those who’ve already ran the gauntlet and maxed out all eight character classes.