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Gamestop Holding First Public “EXPO” Event On August 29th

Gamestop managers conference

Every year Gamestop holds their manager’s conference, this year taking place in San Antonio, Texas. The biggest difference this year is that it will be the first time that the general public will also have the chance to attend. The only requirements are that you must have a PowerUp Rewards card and $35 to drop (or if you have enough PowerUp Rewards points, that’s also an option).

Of course, if you want to be the envy of most of the other attendees you could shell out $100 for the “VIP” option, which will give you four in-depth sessions with some of the biggest names in gaming, access to VIP-only lines, and entrance to the VIP gaming lounge.

The event takes place two days before the start of PAX Prime.

Source: Gamestop
Via: Joystiq


PSA: Paradox Interactive Fan? Hit Up The Massive Gamestop Sale!


Right now Gamestop is throwing a fairly large sale for many of their PC games both in-store and off their digital distribution app (what used to be Impulse). Besides the differing amounts of money you can save on such titles like Borderlands, Arkham City, and Deus Ex: Human Revolution there’s also another sale going on completely devoted to Paradox Interactive. Until May 14th all you Paradox fans can find virtually find every game and DLC/expansion the developer has made for 50% off (except Crusader Kings II and Naval War: Arctic Circle). Titles like Hearts of Iron III, Europa Universalis III, Magicka, Elven Legacy, and King Arthur can be found for under $15 at the most but a majority of the games you’ll find are well below that.

If you’ve ever wanted to explore the world of detailed grand strategy games or some of the other types of games Paradox makes this is the perfect time to snag anything and everything you wanted of theirs. Personally I picked up Europa Universalis 3: Chronicles (includes the main game and all four expansions), all the sprite packs for EU3, Commander: Conquest of the Americas, and the two bits of DLC content for Commander all for under $40.

Don’t forget – this sale also applies to physical copies sold in their stores so if you want to maybe snag one of these PC games so you can have the disc copy you’ll find everything for the same price there (plus you’ll be able to use trade-in credit or cash to make your purchase).

The Rumor Mill: Low Circle Pad Pro stock sent to GameStop Stores Intentionally


The Circle Pad Pro is Nintendo’s solution to add dual analog control to it’s 3DS handheld system. Since the peripherals debut, gamers have reported low quantities available in various stores, especially Gamestop. A recent rumor reveals that this may have been done intentionally in order to test the products performance in the market. A new shipment should be arriving by the end of next month, but eager gamers can always order a