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iPhone 5 – What About Us Gamers?

iPhone 5

With Apple’s new iPhone 5 finally being unveiled in San Francisco yesterday by Apple CEO Tim Cook, we at AG ask the question “What does this mean for gamers?” Well I have been an iOS boy for a long time now, having purchased my iPhone 4 on day of release back in June 2010 after a disasterous experience with the Blackberry Storm. I finally believed I had found my soulmate in Apple’s 4th generation phone after playing Angry Birds and Peggle for the first time on the beautiful retina display. However, after two years of wading through countless free to play games and Farmville rip off’s on the app store, I feel that maybe there’s more to life than paying 69 pence a time to buy my digital farmer new hats. Therefore I have started to look towards the Android market for new offerings. What I found was the Samsung Galaxy S3, the flagship phone for the Korean manufacturer and the iPhone’s evil nemesis. As Apple flex their muscles with the official launch of iPhone 5 I can feel myself more and more tempted to convert to the underdog.

Mage Gauntlet iOS Review – I Love A Good Harkening!


Developer: Rocketcat Games
Rocketcat Games
Release Date:
October 20th, 2011
NR (Not Rated by the ESRB)

 The type of freedom afforded to a developer when designing games for mobile platforms is one that is nigh on impossible to resist for an indie developer. As long as you follow several content-related guidelines, it’s cost-effective and quick to publish games to these sorts of outlets. This is probably why studios like Rocketcat Games have chosen to delve into the sweet nostalgia of 16-bit era gaming, find their niche, and snuggle closely into a corner of the market that is hard to resist and even harder to move on from. There is no shortage of great memories that come flooding from those days when Crono and his pals flew across time to save the world, Link swashbuckled his way through a new set of dungeons in search of the Triforce, Mario had his first adventure with his pet Yoshi, or Terra and her motley crew of heroes set out to defeat the evil machinations of the sinister Kefka. This era, these moods and feelings – this is where Mage Gauntlet makes its comfortable and pixelated home.

Star Command Teaser Trailer

Star Commander

Warballoon’s spaceship management sim Star Command, wherein you build your own ship, recruit your crew and explore the universe, had its first public showing at PAX East over the weekend, and we happen to have the teaser trailer displayed at its booth, right here. It gives a nice little preview of the game before it launches this summer. And it also reminds me of Star Trek. Must resist… urge to speak like William Shatner…

“You can, view, the trailer, below!”

Ms. Splosion Man Coming to PC and Mobile Platforms

Twisted Pixel’s Ms. Splosion Man is now going to be available for other platforms other than the Xbox 360. The game will be coming the PC, IOS, and Windows Phone 7. While the PC version going to get a port that is similar to the 360 version, the mobile version going to be a different style of game that keeps touch screen controls in mind.


Source: Joystiq

Rumor Mill: A Game Controller in the Works for Apple Devices


There was an interesting tidbit of information revealed in a iPad review on Anandtech. The review had this to say, “I know of an internal Apple project to bring a physical controller to market, but whether or not it will ever see the light of day remains to be seen. As smartphones and tablets come close to equalling the performance of current game consoles, I feel like the controller problem must be addressed.”
This has been a constant rumor for the years that the iPad and iPhone have been in existence. There has never been any solid information to support those rumors, but Anandtech reviewer says the strong words “I know” implying that this controller is definitely in the works. If this controller does eventually get released, Apple may have a bonafide gaming console, the iPad has the ability to project it’s picture on a television with the aid of the Apple TV. It makes sense for Apple to make a controller, but will this ever become more than a rumor.

Source: Touch Arcade

Ghost Trick Should Be Out On IOS Very Soon

Ghost Trick

One of my personal favorite games last year was Capcom’s Ghost Trick on the Nintendo DS. It was a puzzle game that had the player solving crimes as a ghost. The puzzles were challenging, and it had an amazing animated visual style. It seemed like the perfect game to play on the iPhone or iPad, which is why it’s been out in Japan for those devices for a while. After a long wait it looks we will finally be able to play it because it is about to release on IOS world wide. The game will be released episodically with the first two being free, and you will have to pay for other episodes. It’s not officially out in the US yet, but has been appearing on IOS in other territories. We can expect for it to be released very soon. If it’s the same game that appeared on the DS last year I would recommend picking it up. It’s free! Sort of.

Source: Giant Bomb

Steam Mobile App No Longer In Beta

Steam Mobile App

There’s been a fair amount of coverage of the Steam mobile app for about a week now. Unfortunately, during this time we’ve done more reading than testing, as it’s been in private beta only available to the select few invited. Some of us left out in the cold grow frustrated. We want some of that action. We want to use steam on the go, even if it means we use it once, grow bored and move on to never use it again.

Well, thankfully this beta period hasn’t lasted long, and the app is now available to all via IOS and Android for free. (If your looking for a way there, those green letters above are links for your convenience.)

Soul Calibur to Be Released for iPhone and iPad Jan. 19th


The widely popular Soul Calibur series, developed by Namco Bandai, will be getting an unexpected addition later this week when the original title becomes available for purchase in Apple’s iPhone and iPad App Store. The app will be a port of the original arcade/Dreamcast game developed in the late 1990’s and will supposedly feature all the characters and many of the gameplay variations of the original game.

The price of the game and exactly which systems it will be available for are currently unknown, but it is expected to be released in the App Store on January 19th.

Source: Game Informer

Addicted-Gamers: Best of 2011 Video Game Awards

Addicted-Gamers Best of 2011

2011 was a great year in video gaming and the industry continues to flex its muscle, proving it is the biggest form of entertainment in the universe. It was a year full of the usual blockbuster suspects, risk-takers, sequels and threequels, independents, revivals, and more shooters than you can shake a stick at. This is our first annual Best Of and Game of the Year Awards and it was a remarkable process to comb through the best of the best of 2011. Each one of our nominees is deserving of accolades, but you can only have one winner and for some of these categories, the choice was extremely tough. Some of our choices should definitely lead to some discussion. That’s not a bad thing as we love talking video games here.

We are proud to give you the Addicted-Gamers Best of 2011 and Game of the Year.

Best Rerelease/Remake Best Role-Playing Game
Best Story Best Shooter
Best Character Best Sports Game
Best Sound/Soundtrack Best Strategy Game
Best Multiplayer/Co-op Indie Game of the Year
Best 2D Graphics Portable Game of the Year
Best 3D Graphics PC Game of the Year
Best Action/Adventure Game PS3 Game of the Year
Best Driving Game Wii Game of the Year
Best Fighting Game Xbox 360 Game of the Year
Best Puzzle Game Game of the Year 2011

Infinity Blade II iOS Review – The Ultimate Touchscreen Hack ‘N Slasher


Publisher: Epic Games
Developer: Chair Entertainment
Genre: Action/RPG
Players: Single/Multiplayer
Release Date: Dec. 1, 2011
Rated: Apple 9+

Infinity Blade was an absolute, bona fide hit. I’m not sure anyone expected it to do as well as it did, but two things were obvious, a sequel had to be made and it was going to need more enemies, more items, more weapons and armor, and the most difficult task to undertake, more story. Infinity Blade II delivers in almost every way. This is the ultimate touchscreen hack ‘n slash adventure. Chair Entertainment and Epic Games are pushing the boundaries of mobile gaming, dwarfing many of its contemporaries in the traditional portable gaming world dominated by Nintendo and Sony.