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Darksiders II Argul’s Tomb DLC Coming This Week


Darksider’s II, released just last month, will be getting its first packet of DLC, named “Argul’s Tomb” later this week.  The new gameplay area is described by publisher THQ as “an additional challenge for gamers of all levels,” though they do specify that it will be directed toward players who have completed the first three main game zones.  The new area features two dungeons, wrought with new enemies and exclusive items for the dedicated loot-collector.

Free download codes for Argul’s Tomb were included with all new copies of the Limited Edition of Darksiders II at release.  The content pack will be priced at 560 MS points or $6.99 (USD), a somewhat high price for the limited contribution to the game.  Argul’s Tomb will be available for download this Tuesday, September 25 for Xbox 360, PC, and PS3 (North America only; available in Europe on the 26th), and will be included on the disc for the Wii U version, which launches along with the Wii U in November.

Source:  Darksiders.com

Darksiders II PS3 Review – Death Becomes You

Darksiders2 Box

Publisher:  THQ
Developer:  Vigil Games
Platforms:  PS3, Xbox 360, PC, Wii U (Not yet released)
Release Date:  August 14, 2012
ESRB:   M – Mature

In an industry that feels as if it’s been overrun by generic, repetitive action-shooters, a studio willing to take a leap of faith and bring a fresh new IP into the fold is more than enough to garner some attention.  With the release of Darksiders in 2010, gamers who have grown weary of endless Call of Duty sequels got a taste of what used to make gaming great:  an imaginative story, challenging gameplay, fun combat, and a worthwhile experience independent from online multiplayer gaming.  There just aren’t enough good, well-known single player campaigns out there.

At first glance, Darksiders II is a compelling package.  The game is heavily improved from its predecessor and shamelessly borrows elements from some of the best games in the industry- Portal, The Legend of Zelda, God of War, Diablo, and even Gears of War.  The main protagonist, Death (yes, as in the scary shadowy figure with the scythe, only more badass), is much more agile and acrobatic in combat in comparison to his other horseman brother, War, from the previous outing.   Vigil has made some great refinements to the story, characters, and gameplay in this sequel.  But are these adjustments enough or does Darksiders II prove to be a shallow grave?

“Not One Step Backwards!” – Company of Heroes 2 is Coming in 2013


You might recall months ago that THQ dropped a fairly significant bomb about the possibility of a Company of Heroes sequel in the next year or two. Well guess what RTS fans – it’s coming!

Company of Heroes 2 was revealed by the UK version of PC Gamer magazine and THQ has confirmed that the game is currently in development and is scheduled for release in 2013. Although we’re lacking any huge details about the game what we do know is that players will be commanding the forces of the Soviet Red Army as they attempt to stave off the German invasion of the Motherland. Relic Entertainment, developer of the original game and the Dawn of War series, says that there won’t be any significant overhauls or changes to the core gameplay but gamers can expect a different visual design alongside numerous other “fresh” additions.

Darksiders II Gets Delayed


Vigil’s highly anticipated Darksiders II has been delayed from June 26th 2012 to an unspecified time in August. When questioned as to why the game had been pushed back an additional two months publisher THQ responded by citing the need for more time to polish and perfect the game. It’s no secret that THQ has been going through some hard times lately – cancelling projects, letting a significant number of employees go, and forcing their president to take a fifty-percent pay cut; however, those things are forcing the publisher to concentrate on what really matters: making good games. There’s a lot riding for all of them on Darksiders II. If it tanks no doubt THQ and even Vigil will soon to follow.

Showdown: No Mercy vs WWE 12

No Mercy vs WWE12 Feature

Most long time WWE fans would agree that the greatest incarnation of wrestling in video game form was No Mercy for the Nintendo 64. I admit that I share the same sentiment. The modern wrestling games like WWE 12 never feel quite right to me. Am I and those like me just living in the past, holding on to the nostalgia of the attitude era, when The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin were worldwide phenomena, the WWE was the WWF, and John Cena had yet to enter the wrestling scene. To justify what is better, the past or the present, we are going to have No Mercy vs WWE 12 in a showdown.

Prototype 2 Trailer Displays Helicopter Cruelty

Prototype 2 screen 4

Okay, the new trailer for Prototype 2, titled “Top 11 Reasons You Need Prototype 2,” is really just a list of cruel, imaginative ways to kill the game’s inhabitants. There’s an excessive amount of blood and I’m pretty sure at one point, James Heller, the game’s main protagonist, blurts out a one-liner that makes him sound like Jax from Mortal Kombat.

This trailer contains violence and language, and by clicking the read more button, you accept that the content you are about to view is unsuitable for anyone under the age of 17.

More Darksiders II Screens

Darksiders II Commercial

6 Reasons Why You Should be Excited for Darksiders II


2010 was the birth of yet another entirely new IP and fortunately it was a success. Now over two years later it won’t be long before the next installment of Vigil’s anticipated title arrives. Why should you care though? Well for starters, here are six reasons why you should be excited for Darksiders II:



Vote for Your Favorite Darksiders II Collector’s Edition Cover Art

THQ is giving fans an opportunity to vote for the cover image they desire for the upcoming Darksiders II’s Collector’s Edition via their official Darksiders Facebook page. There’s also a chance to win one of three signed copies of the final collector’s edition when you vote and share. No purchase is necessary and the contest ends on March 9, 2012.  Here are your choices:

Don’t forget to vote here.