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Assassin’s Creed III Achievements Revealed


Assassin’s Creed III is just one month away and its achievement list has been revealed as is customary on Xbox360Achievements.org.

Hunt achievements and Redcoats in the highly anticipated Revolutionary War setting. PlayStation 3 owners can pretend the Gamescore earned are trophies as it’ll be the same list.

Click on the jump to view the list.

Killer Instinct for XBLA in the works?


Could you be playing Killer Instinct on Xbox Live in the near (or not so near) future?  According to Playxbla.com, a website by Microsoft devoted to all things Xbox Live related, Microsoft felt like breaking the news of refiling for trademark application for the old school fighter title.  A lot of news about possible future titles from publishers has been broken by people who sift through trademark filing sites, in this day and age it’s getting harder and harder for companies to be sneaky and keep things secret.  I guess, in this case, it could work in Microsoft’s advantage to throw out a little buzz about a possible re-kindling of the Killer Instinct brand.

My guess is Killer Instinct, in some form be it Reboot, HD Remake, or something else altogether, is going to wind up on Xbox Live Arcade sometime in the unforeseen future.

What do you think about this?  Leave a comment or hop onto our forums and join the discussion!

Source: Playxbla

Earn The Dongblainer and More Achievements In Halo 4


343 Industries, the developers tasked with carrying the Halo torch, released the achievements list for Halo 4.

They realize that achievement hunting is an important part of the gaming experience and set out to create achievements that according to their blog, “reward milestones and increase replay value while balancing both difficulty and the breadth of game modes.” They also like to think up funny names like The Dongblainer.

In my professional achievement hunting opinion, this looks like a very good, solid list. I’ve always like the level of difficulty, the types of achievements and their creativity, and the names. The graphic designer in me actually likes these icons much moreso than some of the previous Halo games as well.

You can view the list after the jump. Be warned, there are possible spoilers.

What’s Your Gamerscore?



The sound provides elation and relief. Achievement Unlocked blinks on my screen like a beacon of light calling to me in the dark. I take a moment to obsessively check my newly earned achievement and my freshly upgraded score. I take a moment to relish in my reward before moving on to my next objective.

Gaming has long had milestones or rewards. Remember the days of beating an arcade or NES game in one life? Some of my greatest gaming moments pre-Xbox 360 are having my initials on the Tekken 3 machine at the old arcade I worked at for 17 of the 23 characters for best times; one of which came in at about 11 seconds. I still remember the days of Street Fighter Alpha 2 and fighting and beating Shin Akuma.

Skyrim Dawnguard DLC Arrives on Xbox Live


Today is the day for players of The Elder Scrolls:  Skyrim, or at least those who happen to play it on the Xbox 360.  The hit game’s first round of DLC, called “Dawnguard,” released today exclusively for download on Xbox Live.  The download, available for a retail price of 1600 Microsoft Points, includes new content that is heavily vampire-centric and aims to further explore the already expansive world in Skyrim by adding new quest material.

The Dawnguard DLC will also be released for PC and PS3 this time next month.  Click “Read More” to watch the official trailer.  Warning:  Content for mature audiences only.  

Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC Round-Up – I Hear The Beaches on Pulse are Lovely This Time of Year

Final Fantasy XIII and its offspring have been the subject of quite a fair amount of debate, and have split fanbases down the middle in many cases. Say what you may about the games, there’s no doubt that they continue to push the envelope in terms of including features and designs that no other Final Fantasy game has before them. FFXIII-2 now stands as the first in the series to receive a healthy helping of downloadable content support, and new releases are still being announced. And, in traditional FFXIII style, the value of each DLC release is creating more and more arguments, such as “why spend money on this”, “do you really like playing dress-up with your JRPG characters”, “$1.59 is too much for a digital bikini”, among others.

Dragon’s Dogma Demo Hits Next Week

dragon's dogma

Dragon’s Dogma releases next month but if you are on the fence about whether to buy it or not maybe the demo next week will help you make up your mind. The demo will release in North America on PSN and worldwide on Xbox Live next Tuesday, April 24, with the European PSN release coming a day later.

Source: Joystiq

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare Review – Will The Real Alan Wake Please Stand Up?


Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
Remedy Entertainment
Action/Third-Person Shooter
Xbox Live Arcade
Release Date:
February 15, 2012
T – Teen
1200 Microsoft Points (approx. $14.99)

When the original Alan Wake was released several years ago, it didn’t quite perform up to Remedy Entertainment’s (creators of the Max Payne series) expectations. The game went through a hellish development cycle, but once released it garnered generally positive reviews from most major sources. It was a thrilling, psychological, mysterious shooter that provided a unique combat system and revolutionary volumetric lighting systems. The game ended in a cliffhanger, and the two DLC episodes released afterwards did little more than continue to convolute the plotline and leave more questions for players expecting resolution. Unfortunately, because of lower than expected sales figures and a ridiculous amount of piracy, Remedy was unable to promise the direct sequel that fans were craving.

Now, in 2012, Remedy has released American Nightmare, a spinoff title that connects certain dots from the original but presents another barrel of unanswered questions and the lingering desire to see the good name of Alan Wake be treated with a little more thought and care. It’s no secret that this downloadable-only installment is more or less testing the waters of the franchise’s fiscal worth and to ultimately determine if the long-awaited Alan Wake 2 is even worth making. Judging by this latest offering, it may be extremely hard to tell.

Microsoft Working on a Solution for Reported Reset Gamerscores

Xbox Live Down

Some Xbox Live users are in horror after waking up today to the worst possible occurrence that could have happened. No, they hadn’t been robbed. No, the car hadn’t broken down. No, oil hadn’t been spilt into the gulf again. But, much worse, their gamerscores had been reset and their achievement list were completely empty. Oh, the humanity!

The good news: Microsoft are aware of the issue, which has only affected a few people, and are actively pursuing a solution. Microsoft had this to say on its support page:

We are aware of the problem and appreciate your patience while we implement a solution.

Source: Joystiq

You Can Get A Xbox Live Avatar Tattoo, But You Can’t Own A Gun?


Yes, the Avatar items you’ve all been waiting for…tattoos. If you were ever worried about any negative impact of getting a tattoo in real life, now you can get a tattoo for your Xbox Live Avatar. You can be trendy and get Kanji tats, sleeve tats, or even a cute Mom tat. You don’t have to go through the pain of hours and hours of needles with ink being jabbed into you for a badass sleeve. And the best part, it only cost you some virtual Microsoft currency. On top of that, tattoos are clearly an indication of good wholesome values for the kids on Xbox Live.